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What is wayfinding – How digital solutions can transform your venue

It is a very exciting time for innovation in Dubai, especially in the technology sector. Millennial’s now dominate the work stratosphere in the world’s business capitals. In Dubai this is more evident than in most cities, where 80% of the professional population is made up of people under the age of 45. Therefore it is vital that all spaces attract this socially conscious and forward-thinking group.

Choosing the best, most innovative technology solutions for your venue can become a challenge in itself. Naturally, the venues that provide the most time saving and efficient solutions will win the race. So, what is the best way to embrace technology at your venue? A venue ‘buzz-word’ is wayfinding solutions, but what is it and how can it improve my venue?

Wayfinding solutions do exactly what their name states, they find the way. These are the devices that help your customer to find the shop, outlet or office they are looking for. However, how this is adopted in Dubai can dictate your customer experience, for better or worse.

Traditionally, wayfinding solutions are provided to venues in the way of a large map that sits in the very entrance of the venue. A customer will firstly try to get to the map and will then be faced with an overwhelming array of shop names or designated offices which will be linked by a key to a floor plan. If they are looking for a particular service and don’t know the outlet name, they also suffer.

Although this does provide the information required, for many it serves to reenact much feared orienteering activities of their youth. The customers or clients are left to try and position themselves within the venue and if they find the shop or office they want, are left to their own devices to try to navigate. If they get lost between ‘checkpoints’ they are forced to return to base to realign themselves or, even worse, have to ask for help at the dreaded information desk.

From a venue management perspective, these solutions are problematic and inefficient in many ways. For one, the amount of space they take up! Add the surrounding people and the double space required for the additional languages, you are giving up plenty of precious venue real estate. Also, when shops or offices move or are replaced the whole map needs to be re-printed and re-installed.

In short, traditional wayfinding solutions are:
  • Cumbersome
  • Out dated
  • Inefficient
  • Difficult to use
  • Costly

  • So, what can be done to provide and improve the service given by the traditional device? One great solution comes in the form of the interactive wayfinding solution.

    Interactive Wayfinding enhances visitor experience by providing an easy navigating tool. This can come in the form of kiosks as well as mobile phones.

    From the entry point of the venue, your customer can navigate to their destination of choice in a simple manner. They approach the branded screen and are given options to ease the journey. They can search by many filters which can help people that do not know exactly what brand or location they need but know what product or service they want.

    Upon selection of the given shop or office, the customer can then be given a traditional 2D map that shows the exact route, however if the customer needs a more visual approach they can choose a 3D map which shows them visually where they are, what they will see and what to look for when they will get there. You can find out other information about the wanted location; opening times, spoken languages, videos and images of the front and interior.

    One of the basics that is often missed is the journey between floors, this solution alleviates this problem by showing how and where to change floors. The interactive system will also flag points of interest if the customer so chooses.

    The interactive system can also give the customer a personal representation of the map on their own phone via a QR code. Think of it as google maps for inside venues. If you get lost, just look at your phone and get yourself back on track.

    One problem that the system will also overcome is the issue of space. The digital wayfinding solution will allow you to advertise on the LCD screen in idle time, thus turning what was a real estate waste into a profitable revenue stream.

    Digital wayfinding is an efficient solution to many problems faced by the visitors of large venues of today. Not only are you providing the people the easiest way for them to spend money in your outlets or on your services and reducing costly space, you are able to monetize the effort.

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