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Building the Dream Game

When you first think of a game, you are immediately remembered of your favorite console games on your playstation, xbox or even your PC. Gaming titles like NFS Most Wanted and GTA San Andreas have been one of the most sought after and played by many across the globe.

When it comes to realizing a game, things can become a bit complicated. This can be either for a client to create a game to make awareness, or the developer himself. Both of them has the motivation but how to drive it from there is the crucial part. Without a proper plan, you might end up with a product which is nowhere near your dream and also spend a lot of money along the way.

1. Game Objective

This is what got us started on the idea but it is always important to keep a solid objective. This has to be conveyed to all people involved in the project alike. There can be deviations but not far from the core objective. The success of the game as a product will depend on the objective and its future roadmap.

2. Target Audience

It is important to know whom the game is catering to. It can be a generic game for everyone or you are concentrating on certain people only. For this, it is imperative to know their likes and expectations. Time spent on this step will be worth every effort and will help you to become closer to your goal.

3. Game Genre

This is what you will be showing your audience and we need to know what type of game will be suitable. Understanding the final game quality in 2D, 2D with 3D effect or 3D models.
It is common to go for 3D because its de facto when developing a game. There are also hundreds of games on google play and app store that aren't on 3D instead they had used 2D characters with subtle 3D effects. The quality was still superior and appealing. Both the platforms are unique in their own way and its upto us to select the best option and run with it.

4. Game Mascot

When the type of game is finalized, we need to come up with our Hero who will be driving the game forward. We need to familiarize and get acquainted with our Hero’s expressions and mannerisms to come up with something that we call as a mood board. Every step from here evolves based on our hero’s appeal and endearing quality. Just like we are drawn to watching movies from their posters and trailers on TV.

5. Storyline

  • Pre production (The thought process)
  • Game Development
  • Post production (final touches, publishing, marketing etc.)

While 2 and 3 are completely left to the developer, 1 is something that we can come up on our own with some additional help.The storyboarding forms the crux of the pre production. The process is similar to making movies which is on a larger scale and the storyboarding is vital to reduce costs.
Professional storyboarding demands a level of expertise as in you are required to draw sketches of the background, characters, interaction etc. I on the other hand was privileged to acquire the services of our designer who is also an impeccable artist.
He started from drawing basic sketches on A4 sheets of paper. While he visualized on each step, I, on the other hand added the stock dialogue and story trigger for each scene. Eventually the sheets increased and in the end we had a thick storyline. We had constant reviews together with our developers, taking into account their inputs on relevance and feasibility.
Once the storyboarding is complete, the document is given a final review before sending it to the client. Remember that it is not necessary for the client to understand the entire document, so we had a session with the client and the team together where we walked them through the entire storyboard. Luckily, the client was in great appreciation.

6. Prototyping

The next step is to create a prototype of the game with the help of your developer. This will be the first time you will actually see the game on your iphone attracting comments and observations falling into any of the scenarios below:

  • The graphics are ok but the gameplay could be done better.
  • The gameplay is ok but graphics could be done better.
  • Gameplay is ok but it just feels like so many things could be implemented

7. Game Time !

The required changes are made and the storyline amended based on the observations after prototyping. It is now left to the developers who will proceed to build your dream game.

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