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5 Things you Need to Know to Compare

The pace of change in technological advancement has continued to accelerate over the past decade at an exponential rate. Everyday conveniences such as smart phones have become accepted as the norm whereas would have been considered revolutionary only a few years ago. With Dubai being a hotbed of commerce and innovation, it is not surprising to find some of the world’s most forward thinking and innovative digital solutions providers within easy reach. That being said, it is not a level playing field, and while Dubai hosts some of the most talented digital solutions teams in the world, it is vital to choose the right one for you. One that will understand your business objectives and utilize the best industry practices and modern standards to deliver for your current needs as well as those that evolve and develop in the future. This list is intended to give you some support and confidence when selecting the best digital solutions provider in Dubai, for your needs.


    Having the expertise is one thing but, having the resources and facilities to deliver the project end to end is an entirely different animal. If your digital solutions provider can conceptualize, plan, code and manufacture all elements of your digital platform, it is going to have a significant impact on the cost. It stands to reason that the more ‘outsourcing’ of parts of a project that are required, the more this will hit the cost and, importantly will impact the control on delivery to timelines. A one stop shop or ‘Turn-Key’ provider is going to be able to keep a tight control of not only budget but all elements of the deliverable outcomes and KPI’s within your agreed scope of work. In essence,, you stand to save both time and money.


    There is no substitute for experience. After all, few would voluntarily offer their business forward as a guinea pig for another business to experiment upon. There have been vast changes in market conditions and the ability to survive this turbulent economy and adapt will have garnered valuable experience. This will in turn be reflected in the diversity and success of a company’s work. Ask your potential digital service provider for examples of their previous projects, in Dubai and beyond. You should be looking for examples of varying budget, scope and business sectors as well as projects that may reflect similar specs to your current needs. Most providers will have examples readily available on their web site and, if not, why?


    Certain organisations and large scale operations have extremely generous budgets. This freedom of budget allows them to explore multiple options and price points and to carry out extensive due diligence. Although this should not be the primary basis of your comparison, it should be viewed in its context and where it has value. If extremely demanding and exacting organisations have used a particular digital solutions provider, it is relatively safe to assume that their chosen provider has been able to deliver to these exacting standards. Worth a mention that they will have also been heavily vetted prior to being selected for the job. After all, if they had not been able to deliver as promised, they are likely to have been replaced or removed without hesitation or remorse. Repeat projects for such demanding clients should also add significant comfort to their ability to follow through.


    There is an old saying that has more than an element of truth. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. That doesn’t mean to say that the more you spend, the better it will be as there will always be some that will charge what they can get away with rather than for what they are worth. That being said, you can’t expect to get everything you want and need without allocating the correct and relevant budget. Your interactive solution provider should be able to guide you in what elements of your requirements can be delivered effectively within your budget. They will also be able to guide you as to what can be reduced or adjusted to get the best fit if your budget isn’t sufficient to cover your complete wish list. Getting value for money is exactly what the phrase says. That relates to getting the best possible solution for the budget that you have available. Agreeing deliverables and budgets from the outset will ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises later down the line.


    Designing bespoke solutions to a broad range of client models and industries requires a thorough understanding of a client’s needs. Look for diversity in the types of business, the location and the industries that your potential digital service providers have operated. Your project is going to be the most important one for you so you need to be confident that they will be able to deliver what you want rather than a clone of what somebody else did.

There is a wealth of expertise available in Dubai with many companies ranging from outstanding in a good way to outstanding in a not so good way. If your eyes are wide open and you have a strong plan and focus on what you need to be delivered, the process of selecting your digital solution provider in Dubai will be greatly simplified.

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